What is a Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher?

You may think there’s just one or two different types of fire extinguishers, when in fact there are many different types to combat the many different fires that can be caused, such as: ordinary combustible fires, flammable liquid and gas fires, live electrical fires and more.

So have you any idea what fire is extinguished by a Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher?

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are best used on flammable liquid fires and particularly live electrical equipment fires. The extinguisher contains carbon dioxide in liquid form which is ice cold, this neutralizes the oxygen that the fire feeds on, effectively starving the fire and disabling its ability to spread.

Carbon Dioxide extinguishers can most commonly be found in offices, educational establishments or any premises that use a good deal of electrical equipment.

You must be exceptionally careful when using a Carbon Dioxide extinguisher due to the ice cold temperatures when the Carbon Dioxide is released. It is important to ensure that the Carbon Dioxide extinguisher you buy has a frost free horn, otherwise if touched or held, a non-frost free horn can cause serious injury due to the cold temperatures.

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