Warning against ridiculously dangerous “Fire Spray Challenge”

A dangerous online craze has made a comeback in the United States, following the ‘Fire Challenge’ of 2014/1015 which saw countless children taken to hospital with severe burns. This year, the craze has now evolved into the new “Fire Spray Challenge” which see’s young teenagers filming themselves for social media as they spray aerosol into the flames of a lighter.

The ridiculous craze has been labelled as “extremely dangerous” by the London Fire Brigade, who are trying to stop the stupid craze from spreading to the UK. There have been over 4,000 post on Instagram alone, using #firespraychallenge, with some of the videos clocking over 100,000 views each.

One video see’s a young teen douses his whole chest in flammable liquid in a bathroom beside a half-filled bathtub followed by putting a naked flame of a lighter towards his chest. Immediately his whole chest ignites including the waist of his trousers as he frantically jumps in the bath, afterwards you can see the teen rolling on the floor as he tries to extinguish the flames. Throughout the video it is clear that someone else is recording and he has an audience with him in the bathroom egging him on. It is unknown whether the teen suffered any severe burns, but undoubtedly he would have suffered discomfort, purely for popularity on social media.

Here at FireFM we would like to encourage parents to talk to their children about how dangerous fire can be, especially when it’s in contact with flammable liquids or themselves. We are hoping that by warning parents and young people of this ridiculous challenge and its dangerous consequences, that the “Fire Spray Challenge” can be stopped before someone becomes seriously hurt.