Warm Winter fire safety tips

The ‘Beast from the East’ unleashed sleet, snow and blizzards on the UK – and whilst snow is beautiful, it can bring severe cold which makes you want to heat up the home that little bit more. We don’t blame you either! But there are some simple safety tips you should consider when it come to keeping your home toasty during cold spells.

Electric Heaters

Did you know that 4{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} of accidental household fires are caused by heaters each year?

  • Put your heater on a level surface to avoid it tipping or being knocked over
  • Ensure there are no combustible materials around the heater by around 1m. This includes curtains, papers, furniture etc.
  • Never cover your heater or use it to try and dry clothes.
  • Never leave a heater unattended and ALWAYS turn it off before you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Do not plug the heater into an extension lead as this can easily become overloaded.
  • Ensure your heater remains in good condition, if it is old then consider replacing it, avoid purchasing second hand heaters and ensure they are manufactured/sold by recognised brands and retailers.

Log Fire

Did you know that 15{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} of accidental household fires are caused by chimney fires each year?

  • Always use a fire guard to prevent flying sparks and hot embers.
  • Ensure that your chimney is regularly cleaned and well-maintained.
  • Make sure that all embers are properly extinguished before you leave the house or go to bed.
  • Do not hang clothing or fabrics to dry in front of the fire or on the mantelpiece.
  • Ensure that there is no furniture or ornaments near to the fire or dangling from the mantelpiece.
  • Check that your fire alarm is good working order and invest in a carbon monoxide alarm to situate in the room of the fireplace.
  • Keep fire lighting materials such as matches and lighters out of reach of children.

Electric Blankets

Did you know that 5,000 fires a year are caused by faulty electric blankets?

  • Ensure that your electric blanket is well maintained and has no fraying fabric, scorch marks, exposed elements, damp patches or loose connections.
  • It’s advised to buy a new electric blanket at least every 10 years, but if it shows any signs of wear or damage, then buy a new one sooner. An electric blanket is cheaper to replace than your home and family.
  • Make sure to purchase an electric blanket from a reputable manufacturer and/or retailer.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using.
  • Before trying to clean the electric blanket, check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the blanket, if possible.
  • Do not use the blanket whilst it is folded or creased.
  • Do not use a hot water bottle and an electric blanket at the same time.
  • Do not touch the blanket with wet hands or feet
  • Store your electric blanket in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction and do not place any heavy items on top of it.

Here at Fire FM, we care about people keeping warm through Winter and cold spells, but we would strongly recommend following these simple fire safety tips, so you and your family can remain warm and fire safe in your home.