Tumble dryers recalled following a series of household blazes

Leading manufacturer Indesit has raised alarms regarding two types of Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda machines bought between April 2004 and October 2015. Families around Britain have been left in shock after it was revealed that their everyday tumble dryer could actually be a lethal fire hazard, what’s worse are the tumble dryer horror stories that follow, shared by those unfortunate enough to have experienced the fire hazards first hand.

Indesit admits that 750 fires have been caused by its faulty appliance in the past 11 years, yet it is said that owners will have to wait up to five weeks to hear when their machines will be made safe. The fault is caused by the fluff gathering in the filter, which is evidently too close to the heating element on these specific models, which then leads to the fluff heating up and catching fire. The majority of the fires are said to have been contained within the machine, whilst others managed to spread and cause significant damage to the home. Householders have also suffered first hand with smoke inhalation injuries, burns and a number of household pets were killed by the fire and smoke in the process, leaving more than just the devastation of fire damage.

One lady recalls her horrifying experience involving the faulty product, saying ‘I dashed to the front door, but as I pushed it open, smoke billowed out, followed by a wave of intense heat… I then remembered our two cats, Ringo and Ernie. They’re normally outdoor cats, but because of the fireworks, they’d stayed inside. Sadly, both died of smoke inhalation.’ If that wasn’t terrifying enough she continues saying ‘I had used it earlier that day, but it wasn’t on when the fire started.’

It emerged that one of the biggest fire claims associated with a tumble dryer fire totalled to £320,000. Indesit are in the process of initiating an outreach and service campaign, contacting the consumers so that they can arrange to modify their appliance if it is included in the recall. Following the alert consumers have been told to continue using their dryer, however do not leave the appliance unattended and make sure to check the lint filter after every cycle, emptying when possible.