Temporary staff still require Fire Safety training

With Christmas approaching a great many industries have a short-term need for more staff, and the temp market takes off as people recruit for these short-term, part-time placements. It’s vital to remember – for the safety of your employees, your customers and for your own protection – that even short-term members of staff, however many hours they work, need to be properly trained, with your company’s health and safety guidance being a key part of that training.

Temp staff are just as much at risk of workplace injuries – perhaps more so, when you consider the madness of festive shopping or huge increases in order processing – so be sure that your usual standards of health and fire safety training don’t get pushed to the back burner, when your recruitment numbers shoot up.

It’s the responsibility of every employer to protect their employees with regular health and safety inspections, and to ensure that all members of staff have been appropriately trained with how to keep people safe, how to respond to emergencies, and what measures are in place for their protection, as well as the safe use of any machinery or access of warehouse or storage areas.

It might be exhausting repeating this training for every new staff member and – knowing they are going to be employed for just a matter of weeks – it can be tempting to gloss over the fine details and throw them straight into their day job. Should the worst happen, this lax approach to training could not only cause serious injury, it could have a huge impact on your business financially, paying out for accident claims and fines for not taking health and safety seriously.

No matter how brief someone’s employment might be, don’t put them – or your organisation – at risk by cutting corners; be sure that the full health and safety training is undertaken, that everyone adheres to the company’s health and safety guidelines, and that – no matter how busy things get – nobody is cutting corners or putting their safety at risk for any reason.

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