Restaurant opens with little to no fire safety

A Wildwood restaurant in Chichester, West Sussex has been fined more than £13,452 after pleading guilty to four charges under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Defective emergency lighting, obstructed fire exits and the absence of a working fire alarm were amongst some of the main shocking faults that were found throughout the inspection. The inspection was carried out by the county fire and rescue service following a complaint from a customer at the restaurant who had obviously spotted some of the fire safety faults.

Staff were sleeping on the second floor of the property were building work was continuing, which had failed to be mentioned in a fire risk assessment that was done at the establishment. Following the investigation, a prohibition order was served immediately, preventing anyone from sleeping on the premises due to the severity of the fire safety faults.

It has been heard that the property was in the process of being refurbished and that the building work had overrun. Unfortunately, the company had made the decision to open the restaurant despite a number of serious fire safety issues including a fire alarm that was not working. It’s clear that the restaurant was putting profits before safety, which is in unacceptable in any circumstances.

Since the investigation and fines, Wildwood have rectified all the fire safety faults at the property and has reopened.