Poorly fitted and maintained Fire Doors don’t save lives…

Poorly fitted and maintained Fire Doors don’t save lives…

Fire doors are one of the most important fire safety features for your premises. It is estimated that around 3 million new fire doors are bought and installed each year in the UK. Fire doors are designed to contain and delay the spread of fire from one area to another, this is also known as compartmentalization.

In order to remain compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, building owners are required to ensure that all fire safety measures (including fire doors, escape doors and escape routes) are fit for purpose and regularly maintained to remain this way. Non-compliance can lead to serious fines and even imprisonment.

The truth is, fire doors can really create a difference between life and death. Well-designed timber fire doors that are correctly fitted by a professional, provide more chance of being able to escape in the event of a fire. They are fundamental to most fire safety strategies for buildings and provide critical protection to escape routes, ensuring that people can escape, as well as allowing fire fighters to come inside to rescue people and to assess/put out the fire.

It is critically important that fire doors are not left wedged open with a door stop or fire extinguisher, which is commonly seen. Doing so, disregards the safety of occupants being able to escape in the case of a fire, it is also against the law. It is equally important that fire doors are regularly maintained to ensure that they are fit for purpose and repaired or replaced if needed, regular maintenance is usually carried out annually.

If you live within a building where a fire door is regularly propped open or it carries signs of potential damage, please report it to your building owner or responsible person. If you are the responsible person or building owner, then Fire FM now offer comprehensive repair and quotation services for all of your fire door needs – so call the team today on 01582 688500