Nest Protect oven compatibility

I’m sure some of you have left a joint of meat in the oven to slow roast whilst doing other household chores or sitting in another room, or maybe you’ve accidentally left the grill or oven on and gone to bed – either way it’s a risky move to leave your cooker unattended.

However, Nest has teamed up with GE appliances, meaning that the Nest Protect smoke detector can connect with GE ovens and alert you via the GE’s kitchen app if smoke is detected. What’s more is if Nest detects that you are away from home, it will tell the kitchen app to alert you via text too – just to make sure you get the message.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get into the kitchen to see that it has just set alight, but it may mean your roast beef is a little burnt!

We believe that this kind of automation home protection is fantastic.  Our fire systems for businesses already have many intelligent features to detect and protect you, so why not find out more? call the expert Fire FM Team on 01582 668500