Mirror, Mirror, who caused the fire?

Fire crews were called out to a house fire in Goring-on-Thames, south Oxfordshire after the homeowner returned and discovered a growing blaze. The homeowner had been out for around an hour, when they returned to a smoke-filled house and the upstairs fire alarms going off.
It is thought that a mirror within the bedroom started the fire by reflecting sunlight onto a box of tissues, a startling discovery for the fire crew. A total of two crews from were sent to battle the housefire, luckily they were successful in stopping the fire from spreading through the floorboards and causing more damage to the house or neighbouring houses.
A station manager commented “I would like to remind everyone that mirrors can cause fires, not only in summer but also at other times of the year, as the sunlight will penetrate further into the room as it is not as high in the sky.”

Here at FireFM we know it’s important to be cautious and stick to fire safety. Something as unsuspecting as a mirror setting alight to a box of tissues could have happened to anyone of us. We would like to support this warning, adding that mirrors or in fact any reflective surfaces can cause fires, it’s important that these aren’t in direct sight of windows and that if you are leaving the house and you are concerned, closing the curtains could stop the sun reflecting onto anything flammable.