Introducing the revolutionary throwable fire extinguisher

To an ordinary person, a standard fire extinguisher can seem quite daunting if it needs to be used in case of a fire. If you lack training or you’re too scared to get close up to the fire with a heavy and bulky extinguisher it can be quite a worry how the fire will ever be contained until the fire brigade gets there… But now, there’s no need to worry for Elide Fire have produced a revolutionary fire extinguisher – The Fire Extinguishing Ball.

The fire extinguishing ball is simply a ball shaped fire extinguisher, which when thrown into a fire will activate within 3 seconds and disperse fire extinguishing chemicals. Even with no one present the fire extinguishing ball can activate itself when it is mounted in a fire prone area such as above a circuit board or in the kitchen. The fire extinguishing ball can project a loud noise similar to our everyday fire alarm prior to activating the extinguishing chemicals.

Elide Fire’s Fire Extinguishing Ball is revolutionary and takes away the worry that people may have about regular extinguishers, the extinguishing ball is lightweight, easy to use, safe and last up to 5 years with no maintenance required.

However, the Fire Extinguishing Ball comes at quadruple the price of a standard Fire extinguisher. Not to mention that this is a new technology which perhaps still needs a bit more testing before it is released as a standard extinguisher.

So in the meantime, why not keep your eyes peeled for one of our Fire Extinguisher training days so you can face the fire head on no matter what the extinguisher is!