Gatwick airport slash false fire alarms by 70{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505}

The UK’s second busiest airport have made a drastic reduction in disruptive and costly false fire alarms by addressing some of the most common causes over a five-year period. BRE experts were called in to review false alarm data and identify ways that could help cut back these incidents that often result in unwanted passenger evacuations and damage to the airport’s reputation. BRE are a company that offer independent, research-based advice to help clients create better, safer and more sustainable buildings and businesses.

BRE made a number of general recommendations to help reduce further false alarms, Roger Gentle, Gatwick Airport’s Fire Safety Manager said “ BRE have been most helpful in that they confirm that our approach to further reducing unwanted fire alarm activations is sound.”

Gatwick Airport is determined to eliminate as many of these events as possible and continues to act on reducing the airport’s false alarms.

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