Five schools facing scrutiny amid fire safety fears

Five schools facing scrutiny this month with fire safety audits were all part of a ‘rapid build’ programme.  Following the audit it was sighted that a number of fire safety concerns were in fact found by the construction firm that were responsible for the building contract. The schools in Dublin have been said to have a lack of cavity barriers in walls to prevent spreading flames as well as no special intumescent paint to protect steel girders in intense heat.

Earlier this year Fire FM were busy performing a number of installations for schools and universities over the summer holidays – all within 6 weeks and without a hitch! Mark Reeves from Fire FM said “It’s always a challenge to squeeze installations over the summer holidays – but at Fire FM we understand our customers’ needs to avoid disturbance to the students and we are proud to be able to offer this service, our customers are all very pleased with the results.”

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