Fire Station merge in Milton Keynes could DOUBLE response times

Fire Station merge in Milton Keynes could DOUBLE response times.  The new site would cost an estimated £4.4 million and act as a blue light hub, meaning all existing fire engines and other resources at Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations would be relocated there, creating a base of operations for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and Thames Valley Police.

The fire authority have only produced a vague and quite frankly insufficient consultation document to date, which is not fit for purpose. No risk or impact assessments have been produced, no incident data or risk profiling has been provided and the public have not been given a statistical analysis of how the proposal will affect the service as they know it.

It is stated that with the proposal, residents living in northern and western areas of Milton Keynes will be waiting an extra 5-10 minutes for the fire crews to reach the emergency. Every second counts when it comes down to life saving emergencies and it is crucial that the proposal is well thought, and the public have enough evidence to be able to decide whether the merged ‘blue light hub’ will be beneficial to the community.

The consultation runs until 9th November and you can read more about the consultation process here: