Fire Drills

The Fire Service recommends that each building should practise its procedure for evacuating a premise on a six monthly basis. The personnel who take a key role within the evacuation should receive training on what to do in the event of fire and what role they should play within the evacuation of the building.

Each building should have an evacuation plan designed for each individual building and when considering this plan there are many points that need consideration. Building design, numbers of people using escape routes, numbers of escape routes, area of safety for assembly, knowledge of people who have special needs and accountability for visitors to your site are just some of the considerations that need to be defined before you can have any effective evacuation plan drawn up.

You may have one company in a building or many and again this will affect your plan as you will need to consider all users of the building when establishing a plan that works and it might mean more than one building user needs to be consulted.

Once the evacuation procedure has been agreed it should be practised on a regular basis and six monthly is the recommended frequency.

Fire FM will send a drill officer to site’s in Bedfordshire and around London, whilst on site he will view your evacuation procedure and report on personnel performance, building occupiers performance and any problems with the building and fire warden performance. He will then carry out a de-brief with the key personnel of the building and produce a report with his findings.

This ensures that any problems are highlighted within your building plan and improvements can be made on the next six monthly visit.

Fire Consultancy Services.

Our clients will sometimes need fire safety advice that comes outside of the findings of a risk assessment and may be more specific, some of these services are listed below;

Advice on Legislation and compliance with legislation
This would involve specialist advice to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.If required we can draw up fire strategy reports to support applications under Building Regulations and liaise with Building Control on our clients behalf.

Building Audits
Bespoke reports that can be drawn up to our client’s pacific requirements, these may include assessment of your buildings life and property protection and business from fire.
We can also offer reports on standard of existing fire protection systems, compliance with the standards and we can assist in the design and specification of new systems.
If our clients have any requirements not listed please free to contact us and we will endeavour to provide a solution for your needs.

Fire Brigade Notices
We can also assist you if you have received a notice from the Fire Brigade, we can give advice on the requirements of the notice and liaise with the fire authorities on your behalf on any areas within a notice that may require clarification or may be disputed.