Fire Alarms

Fire Facilities Management provide our clients with a varied range of conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems, we can design, install, commission and maintain in Bedfordshire and areas around London.

Fire alarm systems are often the main protection that any given building has from fire, they if correctly designed, installed and maintained, are able to give early indication and detection of a fire within your premises therefore enabling early attendance of the emergency services or early ability to extinguish any fire found assisting the business owner in protecting their property and furthermore protecting the business from the disruption a fire would cause.

70{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} of business that have an extensive fire fail, so please call us and we will visit site’s around London to provide your business with a fire alarm solution, if the system you have in place is satisfactory we will then provide a cost for efficient maintenance in line with the requirements of BS5839.

Fire FM are pleased to announce that although there are many systems that we can supply, install and maintain we have in recent times become a “Gent integrator“. This means that we are one of only 80 companies in the UK that can install the Gent range of products. We have found that we can benefit our customers through our relationship with Gent because as the manufacturer of the systems they supply we can with their assistance build more intelligent and bespoke fire systems for our clients but still at a cost effective price.
We enclose some details on Gent by Honeywell.

“Gent” Company Profile
Gent by Honeywell is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire detection and alarm industry.

Since the 1930s, Gent has been manufacturing fire detection equipment and is proud of its heritage and the reputation it has built around the world. In 2005 Honeywell’s acquisition of Gent assured the necessary resource and support required to maintain the strong market position that Gent has created over the years.

Gent is part of Honeywell, a company based in Morristown, New Jersey, USA, with more than 109,000 employees in 95 countries. The Honeywell team provides products, services and integrated solutions to businesses, home-owners, airports, schools, governments along with the automotive and aerospace industries.

Gent fire detection systems have been developed to the highest possible standards to deliver the most advanced fire detection and alarm system available in the marketplace today.

As a conscientious manufacturer of life safety equipment, our responsibility cannot end with the production and sale of our equipment. Gent exclusively supplies its equipment to partners who are selected for their ability to deliver the highest quality of service.

Protecting your Investment
Gent is driven by its pride in innovation to continuously improve the integrity of fire detection and deliver peace of mind to all Gent customers. We are proud of our commitment to provide compatibility of our new technology with any installed Gent fire system. Through Gent’s unique backwards compatibility policy, we ensure that your investment in Gent is always protected