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Myth 05: There is not much chance of a fire here

There is not much chance of a fire here; this building has been here for over 100 years and we’ve never had a fire. The age of the building is immaterial. Windsor Castle was more than 800 years old when it caught fire in 1992. Fires start when combustible substances, sources of ignition, and oxygen come together.  Unwanted fires occur when these three elements come together in an uncontrolled manner.  This happened 192,600 times in Great Britain during 2012-2013, resulting in the fire and rescue services being called out. – See more at:



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Wrong. A suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment can only be carried out when the premises are occupied. To ensure that the working practices and procedures are taken into account, this will also ensure that all fire safety measures and procedures are in place and are being properly managed. – See more at:


Myth 08: I am the nominated ‘responsible person’ but I am not liable or accountable –

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False. The ‘responsible person’ is normally the organisation, but in multi-occupancy buildings they could also be the managing agent or landlord. The ‘responsible person’ must nominate a competent fire risk assessor either from within his own undertaking or by employing a third party competent fire risk assessor. Regardless of who carries out the fire risk assessment, be it a member of the organisation or a third party fire risk assessor, the adequacy of the fire risk assessment rests with the ‘responsible person’. The ‘responsible person’ must then ensure that the significant findings of the fire risk assessment are implemented and that all the fire protection systems are in place and managed accordingly. – See more at: