Faulty Indesit tumble dryer causes 18 storey high rise blaze

A total of 120 firefighters were called out to a blaze that took hold within an 18 storey high rise building in Shepherds Bush a fortnight ago. It is reported that the blaze started in the kitchen of the seventh floor flat and that the faulty tumble dryer was in use at the time that the fire broke out. Thankfully, the occupants were at home and were able to supervise the tumble dryer. The occupants also had time to escape the building and immediately contact the fire brigade – a decision that has undoubtedly saved lives. Four other residents have had to be rehoused due to the fire damage that ripped through a number of the flats.

Currently Whirlpool, the parent company of the faulty tumble dryers, have advised that you can continue to use your tumble dryer whilst waiting for the engineer, however the dryer is not to be left unattended during operation as an extra precaution. However, it has soon proved that despite being supervised, these dryers can and will still catch fire.

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson urges that Whirlpool change their advice to consumers, in hope to decrease the number of fires that are caused by white goods. Dobson also states that “If your appliance is subject to a safety or recall notice or you think here is something wrong with it, our advice is simple. Unplug it immediately and contact the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician.”