Do employers give staff enough fire safety training?

It would shock you how many people don’t quite know what to do in the event of a fire – apart from get out of the building immediately. But often it’s a bit more complicated than that, such as what particular fire exit to use, where the designated meeting point is and how it is recorded that you are out of the building safely.

9 times out of 10 when a fire alarm is sounding, employees will look at each other and shrug it off as a test alarm. However, in reality, it has every chance to be a real fire – especially in bigger buildings that aren’t occupied in all areas. The usual fire drill involves employees slowly making their way to the nearest exit, chatting and wanting to go back to work rather than ‘waste time’. The truth is some employees have no knowledge of fire protocols at all and generally follow suit of where people are walking to.

There have been cases that employees have shrugged off a fire drill, when in fact a fire had started. Customers have also been unaware, noticing that employees are carrying on as normal – until panic is sparked and people are running out of the building, making for a very inefficient fire drill.

So how can you ensure that employees know the proper fire safety required? Rather than a 5- minute run down of basic safety, exits, registration and the frequent drills, it’s advised that perhaps a more thorough run through of fire safety in the building is carried out – to ensure a clear understanding. This may bore employees, but you’ll be assured that they’ll know what to do, not to mention that it may even save time by decreasing the frequency of test drills.

If you feel like you need more fire safety training, either as an employer or employee – we can offer convenient online training for you and your team. We also offer a free trial period, so why not have a try today?