Different Types of Fire Extinguishers part 2 of 2

Different Types of Fire Extinguishers part 2 of 2

We often get asked the question what are the different types of extinguishers and when should these be used.  So over in this and our last of this series blog posts we plan to share all that information with you.

Firstly we addressed the uses of extinguishers (you can view this post here).  Each fire is given a category and you will be advised by your risk assessment which category extinguisher you require.  Our guide below gives a rough overview, but it is always best to seek advice from a professional before purchasing.

The colour codes for extinguishers – all extinguisher have to be 95{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} red

  1. Water

This again can be split as there are 3 main types

  • Water – Red body, white writing
  1. Powder
  • Dry Powder – Red body, blue writing
  1. Foam
  • Red body, cream writing
  1. Carbon Dioxide
  • Red body, black writing
  1. Wet Chemical
  • Red boy, yellow writing


Unsure which? Why not call the Fire FM team now on 01582 668500 and we can offer some expert advice