Can your ‘Responsible Person’ take the heat when it comes to Fire Doors?

Since the introduction of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) in October 2006, building owners, landlords, employers and managers are required to take the legal responsibility for fire safety on the premises that they own or manage, or appoint a responsible person to do so.

As a responsible person it is your duty to carry out fire risk assessments, supply and maintain appropriate fire safety measures, have a plan in case of emergency and also provide staff with information, fire safety instruction and training if required.


A particular component that is commonly overlooked, is fire doors. Fire doors are crucial in preventing the spread of fire throughout the building and they provide a means of escape from the building. The main categories of fire doors are FD30 and FD60, which offer 30 and 60 minutes of fire protection, allowing enough time for everyone to escape the building safely. Recently it has been discovered that the Grenfell Tower fire doors build to last 30 minutes, were destroyed in 15 by safety tests.

Fire Doors3

It is recommended that fire door checks should be carried out every 6 months for low usage buildings and every 3 months for high usage buildings. Take a look at this simple checklist from the British Woodworking Foundation (BWF).

If your fire doors fail any of the elements on the checklist, or you are unsure on how to complete a sufficient inspection, contact the Fire FM team on 01582 668500 for professional fire door inspections, maintenance and more.