Basic Fire Safety Awareness Course (4 of 20)

Why Train People?

Let’s start with the one question everyone asks when they are told they have to do training, why?

The current legislation – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires the employee’s of a company to receive adequate safety training at the time when they are first employed. Training is not only important to comply with the law but also for employee’s to help make the workplace a safer place. The training must include “suitable and sufficient instruction and training on the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by employees” and it must be repeated periodically where appropriate and it must also take place during working hours.

If you have been nominated to take on the role of a fire warden, which generally means extra responsibilities, then adequate training must be given to enable you to carry out your role.

Employees also have a legal duty – a responsibility while at work, to “take reasonable care of yourself and of other relevant persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work”.

You must ensure that you comply with your company’s fire safety policy at all times, so far as is reasonably practicable.

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