Basic Fire Safety Awareness Course (19 of 20)


Planned evacuation drills should normally be held twice a year.

On any activation of the fire alarm, except where you have been informed of any testing of the fire alarms (weekly tests or for maintenance), you should immediately begin to evacuate the premises using the NEAREST available exit to you.

Never waste time finishing a telephone call, fetching personal possessions or a cup of tea or coffee. Always keep any important medication close to hand if possible.

Always comply with any company protocols that may be in place e.g. if you are on the telephone when the alarm sounds, inform the caller that the fire alarm has been activated and ask them to call back later.

When evacuating you should NEVER take any drinks or bowls of food with you. If you were to spill anything then people behind you may slip over and receive an injury. Also if the liquid is very hot you may burn someone.

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