Are you a landlord at risk of fire safety fines?

It seems that barely a week goes by without another rogue landlord hitting the headlines for putting lives at risk failing to adhere to fire safety regulations.

With some fines topping £100,000 those corner-cutting decisions to skip over vital health and safety measures to protect tenants from fire risks are getting more and more risky.

One example of a huge fine when a landlord put the lives of many tenants at risk, was a total of £214,000 for failing to take adequate fire safety measures in a number of homes across London – with exposed electrical cables, no fire escape or safe exit route in case of a fire, and no gas or electrical safety certificates.

As a landlord, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that every measure has been taken to protect tenants from fire – which includes adhering to health and safety regulations and having all gas, electrical household appliances and fire safety devices checked and inspected annually. Failing to adhere to those guidelines not only puts people in danger, it also means that you put yourself at risk of criminal prosecution, which could lead to a huge fine and even a prison sentence – and that’s before anyone comes to harm.

If a fire does start in your property and someone is harmed or worse, you are held liable – meaning you could be charged for putting tenants, staff or visitors in danger.

Cutting corners to save money might seem tempting in the short term – but these regulations are in place for good reason – and protecting lives from avoidable dangers is vitally important.

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