7 family essentials for a fire safe home

House fires are always a worry, especially when there are young children in the household. It’s important that fire issues and worries are discussed with any young children, so that they know what to do in case of a fire at the family home. There are also a lot of widely available fire-resistant products available which is why we’ve compiled a list of 7 ideas/products that can help you and your family stay fire safe within your home.

1. Fire escape plan – It’s always a good idea to sit the family down and calmly talk about the route of escape in case of a fire. This can be a roughly drawn diagram or a series of instructions, it’s also good for the children to be able to discuss any fire related worries.

2. Flame-resistant pajamas – Surprisingly parents don’t really consider flame-resistant pajamas, wondering why they’d need them. However, these pajamas are a lot safer than regular pajamas, especially if children like to stand by a lit fireplace or even if they tend to get a bit too close to the oven or any candles.

3. Child proof lighters – A very obvious, yet uncommon choice. It’s usual for parents to use regular lighters and simply hide them somewhere high up or inconspicuous, but what happens when your child stumbles across this interesting device you’ve hidden? It’s simply best to have a child proof lighter which is lockable so that children are unable to use it, or better still – maybe consider a small lockable box for matches, lighters and any other dangerous items for children.

4. Cooker knob covers – These covers for the knobs of your cooker are a great idea for children who are often caught trying to reach on top of worktops or the cooker itself. They completely cover the cooker knobs and click into place, making it impossible for your children to be able to turn the hobs or oven on.

5. Oven lock – Yet another great product to help child-proof your cooker. This device stops inquisitive toddlers and children from being able to simply pull the oven door open, yet still making it easy enough for adults to access.

6. Fire resistant fireplace rug – This rug is the perfect addition for in front of your fire place, saving your carpet from embers and possibly even the beginnings of a fire.

7. Flameless candles – If you’re a fan of candles you know that it’s dangerous to leave them burning, especially in the presence of children and pets. Why not eliminate the problem and replace them with flameless candles? They light, flicker and set the mood just like ordinary candles, but offer a high level of fire safety, so even if you do forget and leave them unsupervised or forget to turn them off, there will be no risk of fire.