12{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} drop in high rise flat inspections

3,097 blocks of four storeys or above were examined by fire authorities in 2016/17 according to figures released by the Home Office.

The number of fire safety audits for high rise buildings has seen a 12{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} drop over the last year, with 400 fewer than in 2015/16, when 3,534 were assessed for fire safety.

In 2016/17 78{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505} of the blocks of flats audited were marked as satisfactory, while 22{a239b2aa571ef05ae9c516dc5a5d09b277caf1d728620f61ac620869cf9df505}, or 666, were noted as unsatisfactory. However, with houses in multiple occupation (HMO), more buildings were found to be unsatisfactory than satisfactory, with 582 failing to meet expectations.

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower Blaze in June, 2017, it is expected for this number of fire safety inspections across all dwellings to increase significantly in the 2017/18 period, with fire safety measures being implemented where possible.

Here at Fire FM we can see the evidence first hand, as the expert team are being called out for increasing numbers of fire safety audits across London & East Anglia.